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Allen Bradley PanelView 900

2711-K9C16L1 | Allen-Bradley Panelview

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Manufacturer Allen-Bradley Panelview
Description The 2711-K9C16L1 is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) from Allen-Bradley PanelView Standard Operator Terminals. This terminal is 24VDC powered, has 9-inch Colored screen, Keypad operator interface, RS232 (DF1) and RS232 printer port.
Weight 9 lbs :: ≈ 5 kgs
Warranty 1 Years
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Part Number: 2711-K9C16L1
Product Family: PanelView Standard Terminals
Product Type Operator Terminals
Operator Input: Keypad
Display Type: Color active matrix TFT
Software: PanelBuilder32
Lifecycle status: Discontinued
Backlight: 50,000 hr 1/2 life at 25 °C (77 °F)
Keypad function keys: 16 function keys (F1…F16)
Application memory: 310 KB application runtime; 1008 KB nonvolatile memory
Keypad Actuation: Actuation: 2 million presses
RS232 (DF1); RS232 (Printer) Input Voltage range:
About the 2711-K9C16L1
The 2711-K9C16L1 is a rugged and compact electronic hardware designed by Allen-Bradley for implementation of Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution in the machine level area. Enable control or machine or multiple machines in one location by utilizing the features of this HMI device. The color active Thin Film Transistor (TFT) matrix is ideal for conveying process information following color scheme standards. Additionally, plant specific identification may be implemented through color codes such as pipe color coding, product color assignments, material flow, temperature spectrum and many other important color-based animations. An embedded keypad assembly which can be operated up to 1 million presses and can be assigned with varying or fixed tasks is the operator’s input area. Data manipulation to trigger command, monitor process and events is through the RS232 port compatible as DF1 protocol. DF1 is a peer-to-peer protocol but can be extended to multi-peer mode with the use of 1761-NET-AIC. The 1761-NET-AIC converts the DF1 protocol to DH485 which supports daisy-chain topology wherein up to 32 devices can be connected. PanelBuilder32 software is the compatible software for developing HMI applications for later download to the 2711-K9C16L1. The HMI can be designed to implement a fool-proof application and provide dynamic system dialogs to guide the operator in decision making and analysis. The software has a variety of tools and library elements which can be utilized to meet the automation needs. The 2711-K9C16L1 is powered by a supply voltage of 18…32V DC (24V DC nom) with Heat Dissipation of 50 Watts max. (2.1A @ 24V dc).
Revisions: 2711-K9C16L1A , 2711-K9C16L1B , 2711-K9C16L1C , 2711-K9C16L1D , 2711-K9C16L1E , 2711-K9C16L1F ,

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